The Waves and Sound Playlist of Phyz

Here’s the latest Phyz playlist, an idea I got from fellow Phyz blogger, Dan Burns.

The topic this time is waves and sound.

Curiosities: An alphabetical listing is dominated by the Ws. A chronological listing is dominated by songs released in the past five years.

Left behind: The list would be longer if not for careful curation. Apple Music search results tagged with an E (explicit) are not included. We fire up the playlist (at an Office Spacereasonable volume“) during lab activities. You do not want to fill your classroom with expletives, no matter how mellifluous the tones. Because that will be followed by a conversation with your principal that you really do not want to have.

In any case, on to the list. If I missed a gem, let me know in the comments. I like that the alpha list begins with “Catch a Wave” and ends with “Waving Goodbye”.

The Waves and Sound Playlist of Phyz
Catch a Wave Beach Boys 1963
Don’t Make Waves Brand X 1979
Every Breaking Wave U2 2014
I Like the Sound of That Rascal Flatts 2014
Salt Water Sound Zero 7 2002
Sound Daniela Andrade 2016
Sound James 1998
Sound & Color Alabama Shakes 2016
The Sound The 1975 2015
The Sound of Silence Simon & Garfunkel 1966
Veering From the Wave Jennifer Kimball 1998
Walking on Sunshine Katrina & the Waves 1985
Warm Sound Zero 7 2004
Wave (Instrumental) Antônio Carlos Jobim 1967
Wave (English) Sinatra & Jobim 1967
Wave (Portuguese) João Gilberto 1977
Wave Beck 2014
Wave Brooke Butler 2017
Wave Jvck James 2018
Wave The Midnight 2018
Wave (feat. Kali Uchis) Major Lazer 2015
Wave (feat. Masego) Abir 2016
Wavelength Van Morrison 1978
Wavelength Lastings 2015
Waves Mr. Probz 2014
Waves Blondfire 2014
Waves Dean Lewis 2016
Waving The Bevis Frond 2016
Waving Blackfield 2011
Waving The Delilahs 1995
Waving Jami Lula 2002
Waving Rich Whiteley 2009
Waving Tamas 2017
Waving Tiny Desserts 2019
Waving Goodbye Sia 2016
Click the “playlist” label below to see more Playlists of Phyz. As of this post, there are playlists up for Electricity and Magnetism. 

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